Price is what you pay – Value is what you get

Again, Price is what you pay Value is what you get for that price. Product quality and craftsmanship really do matter which is why we’re continually sourcing and testing products from all over the world. It’s our passion to find just the right combination of quality and price for our customers so they’re completely satisfied with their purchases and come back to shop with us again and again.

Dining & Foyer

Decorative lighting fixtures can be the crowning jewel of the room. The perfect fixtures will tie all of the elements of the room together and you can capture many styles with just the right products.
Decorative Lighting is the Art & Magic in a room. Light is mesmerizing, ethereal, warm and dramatic – the right lighting fixtures can transform the entire room into exactly that!
The perfect chandelier can completely elevate the perception of a space. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional décor, selecting the right chandelier will set the tone and, if you want, create a jaw-dropping effect. It can improve even the most basic spaces or add a deeper layer of luxury to already well-designed areas. Let us help you find the ultimate chandelier that complements your dream room.


The kitchen has quickly become the entertainment and gathering center of the home and is a great place to show off your unique personal style. A well designed and layered lighting approach is the best recipe for highlighting this important space. Our staff of experienced professionals can help you layout the perfect lighting combination of functional and decorative fixtures so you enjoy this space for years to come.
This multi-tasking mecca needs to work hard while going the distance with dazzling design. Consider a chic chandelier that injects some serious style while illuminating family breakfasts, nightly homework with the kiddos, holiday prep and everything in between. This room is a workhorse, no doubt about it, but the right lighting can camouflage its serious side. Remember to expand your horizons and take into account not only the overhead fixtures, but the all-important task and ambient lighting to maximize your kitchen’s flexibility.


No question about it, lighting is absolutely crucial to the bathroom. Not only does this impressive space serve as a refuge within your home, it must accomplish several important functions too. Task, Ambient, Accent & Decorative lighting should all be used to help make this special place shine.
Creating a space in your bath that feels comfortable and imparts a feeling that’s fresh and inviting can set the right mood for a spa-like retreat. Be sure to consider the specific tasks that will take place and then select the right lighting for your daily routine.
To make your master bath a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, make it glow! Increasingly this area of your home delivers the rare opportunity to enjoy the luxury of some unaccompanied peace and tranquility. Satisfying comforts like cozy seating nooks, chic dressing tables and spa tubs add to its allure. If the space and ceiling height allow, consider a statement chandelier that pampers you with illumination and style.


Before selecting outdoor lighting, consider the key architectural and landscaping elements of your home. By adding different sources of light at varying heights, your exterior will come alive at night.
The exterior of your home is the first thing guests see so it’s important to address it and make sure it gives a good impression. Is it welcoming? Is the lighting well-placed so people approaching can safely enter and leave your home? Is it attractive? All of these are important questions we can help you navigate when selecting exterior lighting for your home.

Don’t undersize your lanterns. A common mistake when selecting exterior lanterns is to undersize them. A good rule to follow is the lanterns should be ¼ the size of the door they’re being placed next to. For example, if your putting lanterns on either side of a garage door that’s 8’ tall your lanterns should be 2 feet or 24 inches tall.

Exterior lighting is more than just lanterns and pathways. With our beautiful year-round climate we’re using outdoor spaces as extensions of our homes. Don’t forget to light patios and those spaces no immediately outside your house. You need to light trees (trunks & branches) or vine-wrapped trellises in far corners of your yard. These accents coax guests outdoors and create magical settings for entertaining and relaxing.

The salt air in our climate can be brutal so it’s crucial to consider lighting, fans and furniture that are going to withstand this harsh environment. Our SeaSide collection of exterior fixtures are designed specifically for our climate and are simply made to last. Let our experts help you find the right styles and materials that will stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come.
The exterior of your home is the first thing guests see so it’s important to make sure it gives off a good first impression. Exterior lighting is a critical element of this and it should complement the style of the home, be inviting & well-placed so people can safely enter and leave your home.

With our over 50 years of experience in sourcing and testing products in our harsh, salt-laden climate, we know which exterior products will hold up and perform the way you expect. We know the quality manufacturers and materials from the pretenders and will help guide you to the right products for your project and budget.

Home Accents, Furniture & Accessories

Not only are we lighting and fan experts but we can also help you finish off your project with great accessories and home décor. Whether it’s a decorative lamp, artwork, mirrors, area rugs or furniture, we have thousands of bright home décor ideas to help add that special touch to your space.


Fans have come a long way over the past 20 years. No longer are they considered the ugly and functional ducklings of a space but now they’re becoming the shining stars. From contemporary to traditional, there’s virtually every style and shape available with today’s incredible new designs.
Size Matters. A common question we get is how big of a fan do I need for my space? A good rule of thumb is if the space is 90 sq/ft or less you should look for a fan with a 42” or less blade sweep. If the space is between 90 sq/ft and 150 sq/ft you should go with a traditional 52” – 56” size fan. Spaces greater than 150 sq/ft should have fans 56” and larger depending on the overall size of the space.
Another question we get all the time is what length downrod do I need for my fan? This is fairly easy. For ceiling heights 8’ and under you can typically use the 6” or 3” downrods that come with most fans.

9’ceiling = 12” downrod
10’ceiling = 18” downrod
11’ ceiling = 24” downrod
12’ ceiling = 36” downrod
13’ ceiling = 48” downrod
14’ ceiling = 60” downrod
15’ ceiling = 72” downrod
16’ + ceiling = custom length (see sales associate for details)

Fan performance matters & not all fans are created equal. There are 3 important measurements in today’s fans to determine how well they cool and how efficient they are.
CFM = The amount of cubic feet per minute a fan produced while on high. This measurement is similar to the top end speed measurement on a car.

CFM per Watt – The amount of cubic feet of air a fan moves per watt of energy consumed. This measurement is similar to the miles per gallon measurement of a car.

Motor Type and Size – There’s 2 types of fan motor types available today. DC and AC motors. DC motors use powerful magnets to create a fans motion and are far more efficient to operate than AC motors. AC motors tend to be larger and less efficient but also tend to cost less upfront. Both types have their pros and cons but you can’t go wrong with either type.

All the fans we sell come with Limited Lifetime warranties and will operate quietly and look great while doing it. Let our expert’s help you find those perfect fan styles to complement the décor in your home and provide you with a great energy-efficient way to cool down.

LED – Change a Light & Save the World

Energy efficient lighting is a must for today’s homeowner. Now that the options for LED products mimic the luminous feeling of incandescents, you no longer have to choose between beautiful light and energy efficiency. We are Central Florida’s foremost experts on LED & Energy Efficient lighting solutions. Let us show you some bright and cost effective ways to save money & the environment.

Dimmers & Controls – Turn on Your Style

Dimmers, switches, outlets and remotes no longer have to be just the old boring & functional elements in a home. Today’s collection of high tech, high style solutions combine accessible, flexible, and smart designs that inspire creativity and enhance your living spaces. Make that final finishing statement in your space with stylish and functional lighting and fan controls.

Lighting 101

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