On the one hand, you’re an individual. You’ve got your own taste, your own style, you know what you like and what you don’t like. On the other hand, we humans are more alike than we like to think. We do a lot of the same things in the same way. For example, according to a 2008 poll published in the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman, the average person spends an enormous amount of time in their bathroom.

Consider that:

  • Men actually “use” the bathroom for an hour and 45 minutes per week. Women are more efficient at just 85 minutes per week.
  • An hour and 25 minutes per week is spent bathing in either the shower or bathtub.
  • Slightly under half an hour per week is spent drying off
  • Approximately 18 minutes per week is spent brushing teeth
  • A little over 50% of people spend about 5 minutes per week applying moisturizer
  • Over a third of women spend at least 7 minutes per week putting on makeup

Why is so much time overall spent in the bathroom? For many people, the bathroom is a place where they can have some peace and quiet, a little time to themselves. We get it, there’s something deeply relaxing about closing that door, and knowing for at least a few minutes, the world will slow down and you can take a breath.

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