1. The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans With Palm Blades

    There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to ceiling fans in Vero, FL. Why settle for the most basic, boring fan that's only going to stick out like a sore thumb when you can have something much better? Why not consider a ceiling fan for your Vero, FL home that has either natural or faux…Read More

  2. Do You Need A Ceiling Fan In Your Kitchen?

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  3. Maximize Your Energy Budget with New Ceiling Fans

    Everyone in central and southern Florida has an air conditioner in their home, even if it's just a window unit or a room AC to keep a certain space cool during the day. While air conditioners are effective, they can also be costly, and with ceiling fans placed in certain rooms throughout the house, …Read More

  4. Install New Ceiling Light Fixtures in Your Living Room

    Your living room is a multi-functional area, often acting as an entertainment space, game room, or spot to do homework. It's where the family gathers to debrief at the end of the day, or relax and watch a favorite movie. With so much time spent in the living room, it's important that the lighting be…Read More

  5. Do You Need A Ceiling Fan In Your Nursery?

    When you bring your little bundle of joy home for the first time, your first instinct is to keep them warm and cozy. Who would even think about turning on a ceiling fan in their Vero, FL home nursery? Think again! Research actually suggests that turning your ceiling fan on in your Vero nursery may j…Read More

  6. The Pros & Cons Of Ceiling Fans With Lights

    To a lot of people, it makes total sense to purchase their Vero, FL ceiling fans with lights already attached or to purchase ones that allow for light fixture additions to be added at a later date. You're killing two birds with one stone, right? Not always! Today we've got come pros and cons to thin…Read More

  7. How Much Does Your Ceiling Fan Placement Matter?

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  8. What Color Will Be Best for Each Room in Your House?

    Redecorating your house can be as simple as placing new pieces of home decor in each room, and as complex as sifting through paint swatches and repainting every wall. Regardless of if you're opting for the simple or complex route, the interior design team at The House of Lights in Melbourne can help…Read More

  9. Size Matters When It Comes To Your Vero Beach Ceiling Fan

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  10. We Can Help With Your Lighting Layout and Installation

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