The lighting in your home plays a number of roles, from illuminating large spaces to helping you complete certain tasks. Every room has its own lighting needs, and it’s important to find the right fixtures for each space. At The House of Lights & Home Accents, it is our goal to help every customer discover the perfect lighting for their living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Adding new fixtures doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’re always here to help!

Layering Your Lighting

You may have heard people talking about “layering your light” before, and it’s okay if you’re not sure what that means. Basically, there are three different categories of lighting – ambient (general), accent, and task lighting. Ambient lighting provides illumination for the larger area of a room, such as a semi-flush mount in a living room. Accent lighting includes track lighting, pendants, and sconces that highlight a certain aspect of a room, such as a particular architectural feature or piece of artwork. Task lighting is fairly self-explanatory, as it provides illumination for tasks such as writing and cleaning. It includes desk lamps, under cabinet fixtures, and more.

Our showroom has a number of lighting options to choose from, and our experienced staff is always here to help. If you’re updating one room and you’re having trouble deciding on lighting options, visit us in Melbourne today. We’ll show you a number of options and help you narrow down your choices based on your specific needs and preferences. Above all, we want you to leave with the feeling that your lighting design is in capable hands.

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