Thanksgiving is three days away, and with it, you might be using your dining room for the first time in several months (at least as a formal dining room, instead of somewhere things just get put). At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we love helping people discover the latest in dining room lighting trends, so if you feel that it’s time for new lights, or you realize during Thanksgiving dinner that your chandelier is looking a bit outdated, then visit us today!

Finding the Right Chandelier

The chandelier is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the dining room, and apart from the table, it should be the focal point of the space. When shopping for a new chandelier, it’s important to keep in mind how big of a fixture you need, as well as what style you would like it to be. Our staff can help you determine which lights meet your needs based on the size of your dining room and how it will be hung in the space. You don’t want a chandelier that’s going to overwhelm the dining room or dwarf the table, but you also don’t want a small fixture that doesn’t provide enough light.

Choosing Your Light Style

You may not formally use your dining room very often, but you still want to have lighting styles that speak to your personality. You may want to wow your relatives when they come for holiday dinners, and with the right fixture style, you can show off your taste for the elaborate or your appreciation for minimalist design. Our showroom is filled with a number of great options, ranging from traditional crystal chandeliers to simple, industrial options.

New Accent Lighting

The chandelier shouldn’t be the only light source in the room, especially if you have a side buffet or china cabinet. Wall sconces are often the obvious choice, since they can be used to direct light upwards, downwards, or both along the side of the room. It’s good to match the style of your sconces with that of your chandelier, or at least pick a style that complements the main fixture.

Track lighting can also be used for accent lighting, especially if you have artwork in the dining room. For sideboard cabinets and buffets, consider a small lamp or even LED tape light to accentuate the features of the furniture and add more intrigue to the space.

Lighting Controls

Once you have your new chandelier, sconces, and more, it’s time to consider what lighting controls you’ll need. You can put everything on the same switch, but that can limit the versatility of your lighting design. Having the chandelier and sconces on separate dimmer switches can allow you to set the mood for any dinner party, whether it’s an intimate family gathering or a meal where everyone is present.

If you’re thinking about updating your dining room lighting, then come to our showroom today. We have amazing options in stock, and we’d love to help you explore the latest trends and styles from the world’s leading lighting manufacturers.

We look forward to seeing you soon!