Ceiling fans are one of the most unappreciated design elements in your entire home. Consider that their primary function is to keep a room cool when the mercury starts climbing. But it’s not all about function, and we’ve all walked into a room and seen a fan that sticks out like an extremely sore thumb.

As a matter of fact, there’s been a great deal of debate lately about ceiling fans as a design concept. You’ll find designers that loathe them, and claim they’re overly loud, out of style, and generally ugly as sin. As a result, when a home redesign takes place, many people point at the poor ceiling fan as one of the first things to be removed.

But is that really the case? Are ceiling fans hopelessly outdated, simply relics of the past like lava lamps and shag carpeting that have no business in the 21st century. At The House of Lights, we don’t think so. We’re not saying we enjoy them ironically, like trucker hats and retro Hawaiian shirts. There’s a place for ceiling fans today, and they’re quieter, better designed, and better looking than ever before.

But what’s the right size, design, and brand for you? Don’t sweat it, because that’s where our team of designers comes in. We can help you with technical details like CFM, CFM per watt, motor size, downrod length, and controls that work best for you. Add to that years of design experience, so we can help you pick designs that are sleek, sophisticated, and traditional. Ceiling fans are no longer the ugly ducklings of your ceiling. Contact us today, and we’ll prove it.