If you have a collection of rare antiques that you keep in a curio cabinet, or you’ve recently updated the decor throughout your house, it’s important that each piece or collection is properly lit. Without adequate light, guests won’t notice the artifacts and accessories as easily, and you won’t be able to share how you acquired them or the history behind each piece. At The House of Lights in Melbourne, we carry a wide selection of home decor and can help you choose new items, or we can design the perfect lighting plan for pieces that you already own.

If you have artwork or decorative mirrors that hang on the wall, it’s important to position your lights appropriately, so that there’s no glare on the glass or frame. We carry ceiling fixtures and wall lights that can perfectly accentuate artwork, as well as mirrors with lights that are attached to the frame. For decor that is kept in a glass cabinet or on an end table, we can recommend the best LED strip lighting or lamps that will create a focal point on the piece or collection of pieces. If you want to install a fireplace mantel, we can provide not only the mantelpiece, but the lighting and decor for it as well.

Your home decor is unique and perhaps even one-of-a-kind, but with proper lighting, it’s almost not worth having it on display at all. If you’re shopping for new decor and accessories, or you’re ready to update your home lighting, let The House of Lights provide expert assistance and product selection.