Adding another bathroom to your house can make your home more comfortable and inviting, and once all the plumbing is installed and the cabinets are in place, it’s time to start decorating! Choosing new bathroom decor can seem like a challenge, especially if you’re trying to create a theme or motif within the space. Everything from the paint color on the walls to the style of tile on the floor will add to the ambience of the room, and having the right decor can make all the difference.

dreamstime_xxl_32371156Start Basic

You may have grand ideas for your new bathroom, and where it is in the house can help you decide what decor to choose. However, no matter if it’s a new master bath or a powder room in the basement, it’s important to start as basic as possible. Look at towel racks, mirror edging, and other integral decor that can set the mood for the room. If your accessories clash with your drawer and cabinet hardware, the space can feel unfinished or haphazard.

Consider the Lighting

The lighting in your new bathroom is obviously a very important part of the decor, and you can match the towel racks and mirror to the fixtures you’ve chosen. If you plan on adding wall decor and accoutrements on the shelves or counter, consider how you can light it and add to the room’s appeal. You don’t need bright, focused light in every bathroom, and warm, diffused light can work beside the sink or above the toilet.

Small Accessories

Chances are you want to have small accessories and decor throughout the bathroom, such as seashells or baskets. The shells are obviously just for show, but the baskets can be used to hold unwrapped bars of soap, mints, or toiletries for your guest bathroom. Larger baskets are great for towels, and you won’t have to always hang up towels that have just been cleaned.

dreamstime_xxl_2979273-2The Finishing Touches

Once you’ve picked the basic accessories, you’ve decided how you’re going to light the space, and you’ve chosen your small decor, it’s time to think about the finishing touches. Do you have those vintage soap dispensers you’ve always wanted? What about that vase of flowers or bowl of potpourri that can brighten and freshen the space? Showing that you put time and thought into your bathroom decor will let guests know that you truly care.

If you’re shopping for new home decor, come to The House of Lights in Melbourne today. Our lighting and design experts can show you a wonderful array of options, and you can begin building a list of items that you know will look perfect in your house. You might be swapping out your old decor or designing a completely new bathroom, but regardless of the circumstances, we would love to help you.

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