Settling into a new home can take time, but if you are able to decorate and arrange your bedroom, you can at least have a comfortable space where you can relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. The rest of the house may be in a bit of disarray following your move, but with a well-decorated and organized bedroom, you can begin to feel at home. At The House of Lights & Home Decor in Melbourne, we can help you pick out the decorations and accessories that can make your bedroom feel complete.

Choosing a Theme

While themed bedrooms may seem like they’re reserved for kids who want superheroes or princesses, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t pick one as well. A certain color or pattern can inspire a specific theme, such as a nautical or floral design, and this theme will set the foundation for the rest of the room. Everything from the wallpaper to the area rug are based around this theme, and the accents can provide the subtle touches that complete the room’s design. Once you know what your theme is, you can begin choosing artwork and decor for your bedroom.

Choosing Your Wall Decor

Your wall decor should reflect your theme, and picking the right piece of artwork or mirror can take the colors and patterns from your bedspread or nightstand and present them on the wall. Your artwork may only have contemporary colors or have a similar curve to that of your headboard, but those subtleties can be the perfect details for your bedroom. You can also add a piece that incorporates all the colors in the room, creating unity that makes a statement about your personality and design preferences.

Scaling Your Decor

While you may have a large painting that you want to display in your bedroom, it’s important to keep scale in mind at all times. If a piece of decor is too large, it can make the room feel out of balance, and this can also be true for chairs, tables, and light fixtures. If your bedside lamps are too big, they can seem to dwarf the bed and make the room feel smaller.

Speaking of lamps, lighting will of course play an integral role in your bedroom decor, since artwork on the walls and items displayed on shelves need the proper illumination. Even the smallest bedroom can feel bigger with the right lighting design, and our experienced staff can help you choose the appropriate fixtures for your new home. You can also highlight a certain color or texture with the right fixture and the right bulb, and the fixture itself can be incorporated into the room’s design.

If you’ve just moved into a new home in the Melbourne or Vero Beach area, come to The House of Lights & Home Decor for the ideal home accents and lighting options. We understand interior design and can make recommendations for your new bedroom and you can make it feel like your own.

We look forward to meeting you!

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