It may seem ambitious to redecorate your entire home, but if you’ve been wanting to update the decor and accents throughout the house, there is a way to do it. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we love helping people find the ideal options for their home, and by focusing on one room a week, you can have the entire house completely redecorated in just a few months (unless your house has a ridiculous number of rooms)!

Where to Start

Deciding where to start is the hardest obstacle for homeowners to overcome. Do you begin in the bedroom or the bathroom? It can make sense to start in a room you don’t use very often, since you will most likely disrupt the flow and function of the space you’re redecorating. If there’s a home office or a den you don’t frequent, that room can be a great place to start!

Before you begin anything, think of the number of rooms your home has; for example, let’s say that there’s the entryway, the living room, the kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a home office. That’s nine rooms in all, and by focusing on one each week, you’ll be done in nine weeks. In just over two months, your home can be redesigned and redecorated, and it will be like you’re living in a brand new house!

Choosing Your Options

We know that it may seem difficult to redecorate a room in just a week’s time, but with your focus solely on that room, you won’t be distracted by other spaces in the house. You may have an overall design theme in mind for the entire house, but by starting with one room, you can find decor and accents that may inform your decisions for other spaces. For example, if you find a unique piece for one wall in the living room, that may help you transition into the hallway and entryway.

You don’t necessarily have to complete one room in a week’s time, but you should have things close to completion by the time seven days have passed. If you split your time and attention between multiple rooms, you may end up with three or four incomplete spaces that are neither functional nor comfortable. Decorating one room at a time also allows you to finish a space with the budget you have for it, and if you need to take a break until you can afford to start on another space, you’ll still feel like you accomplished something with what you’ve spent so far.

If you’re thinking about adding new home decor, consider taking the approach of designing one room in one week. The experts in our Melbourne showroom would love to help you choose the perfect products for every space in your house, and we can show you a number of options before you make your final choices.

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