Everyone is familiar with the design theme of a classic country kitchen or a nautical bathroom, and with the right decor, those rooms can truly come alive. However, if you have ideas for other “themed’ rooms in your home, it’s essential to find the decor and lighting that will make the room feel complete. You may be trying to recall a bygone era or create a comfortable space where you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we love helping homeowners discover the lighting and decor that will make their vision of a certain theme come alive. In this blog, we’ll cover some popular themed rooms and how you can create them in your house.

designedthemeroom_blog_pool_featimageThe Billiards Room

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a pool table, and you’ve finally found one that you can’t live without, you may have plans to design a room around it. A popular option is the classic billiards room look, with dark wood tones and overstuffed furniture. You want a room that feels sophisticated and where you feel comfortable inviting friends and neighbors over for a game or two. Everything from the artwork to the accent lighting should evoke feelings of nostalgia, and we can help you find the ideal decor and fixtures for your billiards room. We have a wonderful selection of island and pool table lighting that can act as the focal point of the room (next to the beautiful pool table, of course).

The Whimsical Playroom

Your kids also need a dedicated space that they can call their own, and if you have a playroom that you want to update, think about taking somewhat of a whimsical approach. Fun lamps and wall sconces can illuminate the space, and painting your child’s (or your) favorite storybook characters on the wall can create a fantasy landscape where your little can read, play, and learn. We have colorful lighting options that are perfect for reading nooks in your child’s playroom, and matching your fixtures with your decor will create a space they’ll never want to leave.

The Home Cinema

designedthemeroom_blog_homecinema_featimageIf you’ve finally had that high resolution projector installed, your plans for a home theater room are now coming together. A large, comfortable space where you can watch TV and movies is the desire of many homeowners, and those vintage movie posters and theater-style lights will help you recreate a true cinema experience. We carry recessed lighting and dimmer controls that are perfect for home theaters, and once you have your fixtures, all you’ll need is the popcorn machine!

When designing a themed room, it’s important to keep in mind what function the room will serve and how often you will use the space. If the decor doesn’t seem right or the lighting is a bit off, you’ll be less likely to play a game of pool after work or sit down to watch your favorite show. Visit The House of Lights today for all your interior design and lighting needs!