Some homeowners might not pay attention to their ceiling fans other than to make sure the fans are working properly. The truth is, however, that fans can make a strong design statement in any room, whether it’s the living room, game room, or outdoor seating area. At The House of Lights and Home Decor in Melbourne, we have an extensive inventory of ceiling fans from which to choose, and can help you pick the one that fits your personal style.

Fans as a Focal Point

Fans can act as a focal point for any room, and creating a strong focal point relies on choosing an appropriately sized fixture. A fan that’s too small can make the room seem larger than it is, which can be good, unless the room already has an open floor plan and few walls. A large fan will make the room seem smaller, which again, can be good, unless you’re trying to make the space feel more expansive. The next aspect to consider is the blade style for your fan. Matching the colors and decor of the room can be a good starting point, and we’ll recommend the best blades for energy efficiency and air circulation. The final factor to keep in mind is the height of the ceiling. A high or vaulted ceiling will need a larger fan with an extensive down rod, while a low ceiling will need a hugger fan.

If you’re thinking about replacing your ceiling fans, or you’ve┬ánoticed they don’t quite match the look and feel of the rest of the room, visit our lighting store today. We’ll show you every option that matches your tastes, and send you home with a fan that makes a statement.