Ceiling fans came about long before central air conditioning, and homes and offices have relied on them for several decades to keep spaces cool and comfortable. At House of Lights in Melbourne, we love helping people find new indoor and outdoor fans, especially if it means they don’t have to run their AC as much and they can ultimately enjoy lower monthly energy bills! With our selection of fans, blades, controls, and more, your Florida home will be cool and energy efficient all year long.

Keep That Cool Air Moving

Fans help keep air moving throughout your home, so if the air conditioner is on, your fans will take that cool air and circulate it through the room. This often means that you can adjust your AC thermostat so the unit runs less often, since moving air feels cooler than stationary air. The amount of energy it takes to run a ceiling fan is drastically smaller than the amount it takes to operate a central air conditioning system, so you’re saving money while staying cool!

It’s important to treat your fans like you would any other fixture in your home, and turn it off when you’re not using it. If no one’s in the house, it can be beneficial not to run your fans or the AC, but that’s up to your personal preference. On those cooler days, it can be better to open any windows to allow a cross breeze to move through the house. You can leave the air conditioner off but still turn on the ceiling fan, and cool down your house quickly.

If you have questions about fans, or want to look at new models for your home, visit our lighting store today!