When designing a new room or adding new lighting to your home, there can be many sources of inspiration for the products you pick. You may have seen a piece of decor or light fixture in a catalog that inspired you to design a room around it, or you may watch home improvement shows that keep you up to date on the latest lighting trends. Regardless of your needs and wants, inspiration can be found virtually anywhere, and at The House of Lights & Home Decor in Melbourne, we would love to help you find products that inspire you.

dreamstime_xxl_2986620Take a Look at Nature

There are many themed rooms and light fixtures that use nature as an inspiration, and if you’re struggling to find options that fit your preferences, take some time to go outside and look around. Think of your favorite outdoor spot and how it makes you feel when you sit under a tree or enjoy a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe. Natural-looking fixtures can bring the outside inside and create the ambiance you want in a certain room.

That Warm, Homey Feel

Growing up, you most likely took trips to your grandparents’ house, where you were spoiled with cookies and could sit and watch TV on their plush, comfortable couch. Their house had that perfect “homey” feel, and you always loved going to visit. If you want to recreate that feeling in your own home, consider what type of furniture, decor, and fixtures will work for that design, and before you know it, you’ll be welcoming your relatives to your comfortable, inviting home.

A Modern Aesthetic

If you’re fascinated with modern architecture, lighting, and design, you may want that same aesthetic in your house. There are several home and design magazines out there that can supply inspiration for your new lighting and decor, complete with clean lines and modern accessories. Perhaps you want to take more of a minimalist approach and streamline the look of your lighting and decor, and our experts can help you achieve that.

Our Project Portfolio

dreamstime_xxl_52426235If any of the above ideas appeal to you, or you want something completely different, take a look at our Project Portfolio. Our lighting and design team has helped countless homeowners throughout southern Florida find the inspiration for their new home, or discover new ideas for their current house. Regardless of your design ideas or budget, we can help you find lights, furniture, and decor that create the aesthetic you want for your living room, dining room, bedroom, and more.

Inspiration can strike at a moment’s notice, and you may stumble upon it without even looking for it. You can also strive to find it, but not discover exactly what you want. When it comes to lighting design and interior decorating, it’s important to keep an open mind and let even the smallest things create an impact. When you’re ready to start on your next home project, call us at (800) 541-3048 or stop by our showroom at 1034 S Harbor City Boulevard.

We look forward to helping you!

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