Every year, it seems there are new lighting trends and design styles that gain popularity and then disappear quickly. There are others that stick around for a while, and others that last for decades. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we’re always excited to see what new products the manufacturers produce each year, and which trends catch on with consumers. It can be surprising to see which styles become popular and which ones do not, and our favorite thing is to help homeowners find the styles they love in our showroom.

With December now more than half over, that means 2017 isn’t far away. These are the lighting and design trends we’re expecting to be popular in the new year.

Lighting Trends


Nature-Inspired Light Fixtures

You may have been in someone’s home that had beautiful, natural-looking lamps and fixtures that integrated flora and fauna into the design. We know there are those fixtures that are overtly nature-inspired (branch lamps, antler chandeliers, etc.) and while these can look good in the right setting, a new trend for 2017 is going to be subtle, fashionable nature-inspired fixtures. Pendants with natural colors and outdoor designs, lamps with leaf-inspired shades, and many other lighting styles are sure to be prominent in the coming months.

Geometric Fixtures

Perhaps the opposite of natural-looking fixtures, lights with geometric designs are going to be attractive to many homeowners in 2017. Lines, angles, and distinct polygonal shapes will add to any room’s ambiance, and the light fixture will definitely become the focal point. Fixtures in every size will begin to showcase triangular shades, octagonal glass, and every other geometric shape.

Design and Decor Trends

Jewel Tones

Designers are calling for sapphire blues, emerald greens, and other jewel tones to be very popular in 2017. These deep, rich colors can add dramatic effect to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, and matching your blankets, throw pillows, and more will make any room feel complete. If you feel that those neutral tones simply have to go, update your home with a new hue!


Organic Materials

Much like the nature-inspired fixtures, organic materials such as wood and stone will gain popularity in the new year. Many homeowners are discovering the beauty of bringing the outdoors inside and integrating natural themes into their decor. If you’ve always wanted a wood burl table in your living room, now is the time to find it!

If you’re always researching new lighting and design trends, or you want to see what the latest products are, look through our online catalog or visit our showroom today. Our interior design experts are just as excited as you are to see what the leading lighting and decor brands come up with in the new year. If you have questions about a product, or you found it online and want to see it for yourself, feel free to stop by at any time. We’re open Monday through Saturday, and as we get new products in, we’ll be adding them to our showroom floor!