Everyone in central and southern Florida has an air conditioner in their home, even if it’s just a window unit or a room AC to keep a certain space cool during the day. While air conditioners are effective, they can also be costly, and with ceiling fans placed in certain rooms throughout the house, you can maximize your monthly energy budget and keep your home a comfortable temperature. The House of Lights has helped many homeowners in Vero Beach find the best fans for a bedroom, living room, and even outdoor areas.

One important aspect that some homeowners overlook is choosing the right size of fan for a certain room. If your home has an open floor plan, where perhaps the dining room opens up into the kitchen, a smaller fan is going to have a hard time cooling that large of a space. Depending on the square footage of your home, our lighting and design team can recommend the best placement for fans, as well as supply you with light kits for fans that are already in place. We also carry fan controls, such as speed slide controls and handheld remotes.

With ceiling fans in multiple rooms that are the right size and equipped with suitable blades, you’ll have to rely less on your air conditioner, and your monthly energy bill should reflect the savings. If your current fans are struggling to keep up, or they’re making noise when they’re on, visit The House of Lights today. We look forward to helping you!