When it comes to lighting design, it can seem like the possibilities are endless, and as a homeowner, you may not know where to start. At The House of Lights & Home Decor in Melbourne, our staff can help you choose the best light fixtures for your home, but it’s important to have a starting point or some inspiration before you visit the showroom. It’s okay if you don’t, but one good place to start is by looking at colors and textures that you like and deciding what you want to have in your home. Natural materials such as wood have become very popular in lighting over the past few years, and mixing wood with metal can make for some outstanding fixtures.

“Discovered” Materials

Repurposing and upcycling are quite popular nowadays, and many homeowners are searching for those “found” or “discovered” materials that can be incorporated into their decor. While many stop with decor, there are opportunities for these materials to be used in lighting, and blending wood with metal can often create an ideal fixture that makes a room feel complete. Lights are no longer simply the source of illumination in a room – they are often the artistic focus or inspiration for how the room looks and feels.

Perfect in Any Setting

Many lighting styles seem to only work in one type of home or setting, but with natural materials, they can often function within any type of home. A worn metal fixture can look and feel natural within a contemporary or rustic theme, and wood can be integrated into nearly any interior design. Depending on the color palette you choose for your new home, you’ll be able to find fixtures that look perfect, no matter what room you put them in.

Consider The Fixture Shape

Even though you’re looking for natural or discovered materials, it’s important to consider the shape of each fixture you choose. A jagged piece of wood with exposed bulbs can be an interesting ceiling fixture, but if the light were rounded, how different would it look and feel? If you’d rather have a fixture with straight lines, such as a metal cage with wood accents, think about how that shape will look in room with tall ceilings. Our lighting and design experts know how to work with any shape and can recommend the best options for your home’s particular theme or palette.

There are many things to consider when designing a new home, especially when it comes time to pick out the lighting. At The House of Lights, we love helping new homeowners look through various fixture options to narrow down their choices. Incorporating natural materials can be a great way to begin designing your lighting, and the finished look is often much better than you could’ve imagined. Check out the video below from the American Lighting Association to learn more about what lighting manufacturers such as Feiss® are doing with natural materials and modern lighting design.

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