The lighting in your home plays such an important role, from helping you see as you brush your teeth to creating the perfect ambiance for watching your favorite movies. You don’t think twice about what your lighting does, until you notice that there’s a spot in the living room that could use more illumination, or you realize that your dining room doesn’t have enough layers of light. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we can help you find the fixtures that you need, even if it’s only one or two that will make a room feel more complete.

Adding a Lamp in the Right Spot

Your dedicated fixtures are intended to cover two of the three aspects of home lighting – ambient and accent. You have overhead lights that illuminate the majority of the room, and wall sconces or track lighting that accent the design and architecture of the space, but what about task lighting for things like reading?

The right lamp can brighten a corner of the room that doesn’t get much of the ambient or accent illumination, and you can position the fixture exactly where you want it. Table and floor lamps can also provide accent lighting, should you feel that a certain part of the room needs to be highlighted a bit more.

Lighting Your Stairways

We’ve written before about lighting your stairways, but it’s often a question that people bring to us to answer. If the stairs are too dark, people may feel like they’re going to miss a step and fall down, which can be a serious risk. Stairways are also great places for family photos and cherished artwork, so if there isn’t enough light, these pieces can go unnoticed.

New fixtures in the stairway will require dedicated wiring, since your best choice is going to be wall sconces or torcheries. These fixtures should be installed above eye level, based on the height of the stair with which they’re vertically aligned. No one of average height should be able to see down into the sconce as they’re walking past it. The bulbs you’ll use will depend on the location of the stairway – if it’s on the main floor where there’s plenty of sunlight, then bulbs with fewer lumens should suffice. If it’s a stairway that leads to the basement, then brighter bulbs are probably a better choice. You can always put your new fixtures on dimmer switches so that you can precisely control the levels.

Choosing Your Fixtures

No matter what type of fixtures you need, the team at The House of Lights is here to help. You may only be looking for one light so that you can create a reading nook, or you may be swapping out that old flush-mount fixture for a new ceiling fan. Whatever the case may be, you can choose the lights you need in our expansive Melbourne showroom.

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