At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we love fall. We love that the holidays are just around the corner, and that there will be (somewhat) cooler temperatures across central Florida. We also know that fall can present unique lighting challenges, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. With the days getting shorter, it’s important that your exterior lights are ready to go. Visit our showroom today to discover the latest trends and styles!

Pathway Lights

You’re likely going to have guests coming to visit over the next few months, with people traveling back to the area for the holidays in order to see friends and family. Chances are they’re going to arrive towards the end of the day, after the sun has set, and it will be important that they can find their way to your front door.

With pathway lights lining your front sidewalk, you can guide people to your porch or entryway, and they won’t have to worry about tripping or stepping off the path, especially if they’re carrying food or gifts in their hands. You can also highlight ground-level features of your landscaping, such as the natural stone of your walkway.

Landscape Lighting

Speaking of landscape lighting, fall can be a great time to update these fixtures. With the leaves falling off the trees and bushes in your yard, you can access fixtures such as bullet lights that are illuminating your greenery and the exterior of your home. You can replace broken fixtures or move lights to new locations so that they better accentuate design features on your home and around your property.

As for adding new landscape lighting, think about areas of your yard that could use more illumination. Are there corners of the house that could benefit from new uplighting? Is there a tree in the middle of the yard that would look great bathed in the light from a spot or flood fixture? Asking these types of questions can help immensely when it comes time to shop for new landscape lights.

Security Lighting

With the days getting shorter, it means that the nights are lasting longer and your home is in the dark for greater periods of time. You want your home to be safe during the fall and winter, and with new security lighting, you can prevent unwanted trespassers. Motion lights on the garage and near the back door will illuminate the area whenever anyone or anything walks by, helping deter those who shouldn’t be on your property.

Outdoor lighting timers are also a good thing to look into, especially if you don’t have any at the moment. You can set your exterior lights to turn on and shut off at the same times each night, and this can make it look like you’re home, even when you’re not. If you’re going to be traveling at all this fall, or you’re going to be gone for a week or more around the holidays, then timers are a must for your outdoor lighting upgrades.

Visit Us Today

If you’ve been thinking about how you can improve and update your outdoor lights, then visit our showroom today. We have a fantastic selection to choose from, and our staff is knowledgeable about all things lighting and can help you choose your new exterior fixtures. If you have questions about design or installation, then we can provide the answers to set you on the right path. Above all, we want you to come away feeling confident that your outdoor lights will look great and work perfectly for years to come.

We look forward to seeing you this fall!