While most people think that operating a ceiling fan is just about as easy as opening and closing a garage door, you’d be surprised at some of the common mistakes homeowners make with their ceiling fans in Vero, FL. This is a big deal because here in warm and humid Florida, a ceiling fan can help you lower your energy costs and supplement your air conditioning efforts – if you use it correctly!

Today we’re going to cover two of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to their ceiling fans.

  • Is the ceiling fan on? Did you turn the thermostat up? While your ceiling fan is going to make you feel more comfortable, it’s not going to actually lower the temperature in your home. This is a common misconception brought on by the windchill effect:: you feel cooler because the ceiling fan breeze accelerates the evaporation of the sweat on your skin. This means that you still need to turn your thermostat up if you want to keep those energy costs low.
  • Don’t keep that ceiling fan on when you’re not in the room! While you might think that “no reduction in comfort” saying from Energy.gov is silly, you’ll still feel fine as long as you’re in the same room as the fan. However, if you’re trying to run your ceiling fan while you’re not in the same room, you’re not going to find the same comfort. Remember! The ceiling fan is not intended to cool your home, it’s intended to provide comfort to you when you’re close enough to feel the cool breeze from the fan itself.