While most of the country is still stuck in the winter blues of January, Melbourne and the rest of eastern Florida is enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures. With such a favorable climate, people spend a lot more of the year outdoors, and this means that they need a comfortable space in which to relax and entertain. If you’re rethinking your exterior spaces, or you want to add a deck to your home, it’s important to think about the materials, the decor, and the lighting you want to use. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, our experts can help you choose the best decor and optimal light fixtures for your outdoor area.

Choosing Your Materials

There are a variety of decking and outdoor materials to choose from, and it’s important to pick those that complement and accent the design and architecture of your home. If you’re going with a hardwood deck, be sure to choose a species that can withstand the weather of eastern Florida. If you’re hiring a builder to complete the project, they should be able to recommend the proper wood and supply the proper treatment to keep it in good shape. If you’re installing the decking yourself, take time to do some research and ask some questions.

newoutdoorspacelighting_blog_outerimageDecorating and Lighting Your Outdoor Area

Once you have the plans and materials for your new outdoor area, it’s time to think about the lighting and decor for the space. It’s important to have proper lighting installed so that when the sun sets, you can still use the area for cooking, eating, entertaining, and relaxing. Pathway, landscape, and step lights are essential for safe navigation, and post, pier, and hanging lights are key for ambience. If you’re installing a partial or full overhang above your outdoor seating area, it might be beneficial to install a ceiling fan with a light fixture. That way, you can provide airflow on those stuffy Florida nights, and if the light is on a dimmer control, you can set the level where you want it.

For outdoor decor, consider what type of theme you want to have. Are you going for an island theme, a spa feel, or a modern aesthetic? Regardless of your design plans, we can help you find the ideal decor and accessories that will match your light fixtures and make the space feel complete. Everything from the glass on your post lights to the centerpiece on your patio table will contribute to the space’s ambience.

If you have plans to build a new outdoor seating area, add on to your existing deck, or upgrade your exterior light fixtures, come to The House of Lights today. We can help you decide on fixtures, design options, and much more. We know that as a homeowner, you want your home to be comfortable and inviting, and if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you want your backyard to be just as comfy as the interior of your home. We look forward to seeing you soon!