If you’ve just purchased a new home in Vero, you most likely have ideas of what you want to do with each room. If this home is a second home, or where you will spend your retirement, you might have intentions of turning one area into a dedicated game room, bar, or a combination the two. At The House of Lights & Home Accents, we carry a wonderful collection of residential lighting options, including pool table fixtures, pendant lights, and other ceiling fixtures that are ideal for game rooms and entertainment areas.

The Ideal Lights for Each Area of the Room

If you’re going to add a billiards table or other type of gaming table to a room, you want to be sure you have adequate light over and around it. People need to be able to see when they’re shooting pool, playing poker, or trying to win a board game, and we can provide the ideal island/pool table fixtures for thatĀ area of the room. If you’re building a bar, we can provide the individual pendants that you can space out over the counter, as well as ceiling fixtures for the room’s general lighting.

You have grand ideas for your new home, and if a game room/bar is one of them, let us supply the optimal lighting solutions for the space. We’ll discuss the best lighting design for each area of the room, and how you can maximize the design for the greatest enjoyment of each area. You’ll love inviting friends over for poker night or a few games of pool, and the lighting will work flawlessly every time you’re in the room.