816Everyone’s living room is different, and every family uses it for different purposes. You might regularly host family and friends for cocktail parties, with the living room as the main gathering space. You may use the space as more of a media room, where you watch your favorite shows, play your favorite games, and watch movies with the entire family. Whatever you use the space for, the proper lighting will ensure that each area of your the room is accessible, functional, and comfortable. If you have a large, open living room, the lighting design will require a specific touch.

Defining Each Area

Your grand living room might be filled with lush furniture and several large coffee and end tables, or it might be furnished with minimalist chairs and only a few small tables. Regardless of the room’s design, it’s important to define each area with distinct lighting choices. If you have a reading nook in a corner of the room, a well-placed floor lamp or hanging fixture can provide adequate light when you’re curled up with your favorite book. If there’s a wet bar and seating area along one wall, recessed lighting in the ceiling and accent lamps on the bar can create the perfect ambiance for social gatherings. There don’t have to be walls or partitions to define the purpose of each area of your living room – proper lighting can accomplish that.

If you’re rethinking the layout or design of your living room, come to The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne today. We’ll gladly help you find your new fixtures and aid you in redefining how your living room looks and feels.

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