dreamstime_xxl_4542500As a homeowner, you want to make every room as functional and inviting as possible, but there are still times when you wish you had more living space. As a result, you may decide to add on to your home, either to create space for more bedrooms, a family room, or a home theater area. Whatever the reason, the only way to make the addition feel truly like a part of your home is to find the proper lighting for it. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we would love to help you find new lights for your addition.

Continuing Themes and Styles

You may have one distinct lighting style or theme throughout your home, and with a new addition, it can be beneficial to continue that style into the new space. The architects and construction crew will do their best to make the exterior of the addition match your existing home, and the same can be true for the interior. If there’s a distinct break between the lighting styles of the addition and the existing rooms, it can make the new space feel out of place.

Opportunity for Innovation

If you’re a homeowner who has designed and installed a unique lighting style in each room, it can make sense to find a new style for your addition. The addition might be serving a specific purpose, such as a home theater area, and finding the right ceiling lights, sconces, and dimmer controls will make the space truly feel like a theater. The space’s blank canvas is a great opportunity for innovation, and it may even inspire you to upgrade the fixtures in other parts of the house!

Exterior Lighting for Your Addition

These fixtures will most likely go up before you’re done with the interior lighting, since the exterior will be finished first. Again, it can be best to match your new fixtures to your existing ones, and we’ll gladly help you find options that fit. You’ll also want to pick outdoor and landscaping lights that accentuate your new addition, since it should be adding to the design and architecture of your home.

If you’re planning on building an addition to your home, or construction has already begun, come to The House of Lights in Melbourne to find residential lighting options that will look great on both the inside and outside of your new living space. We look forward to helping you!

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