Track lighting, when it was first developed, was found mostly in art galleries and a few modern homes. The fixtures were mostly stationary and the rails were only available in different lengths of straight metal pieces. Over the years, more and more design has been added to track fixtures, and with curved rails and adaptable track heads now a standard in lighting showrooms, you can find the perfect options for your home. At The House of Lights in Melbourne, we love seeing a customer’s face when they discover a new track fixture that he or she knows will look amazing in their house.

Track Lighting for Every Room

Another wonderful aspect of track lights is that they can be used in virtually every room of your home. You can add a curved rail in your kitchen, giving the room a bit more character, or add a system in your bathroom to provide more light for when you’re getting ready in the morning. With the ability to turn and focus the lights where they’re needed, you can place them in your living room and accent pieces of artwork or a texture on the walls.

Track lighting can improve and enhance the aesthetic of any room, and you can use either incandescent, tungsten, halogen, or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Our lighting experts will help you find the perfect fixtures, as well as the ideal bulbs for color temperature, light output, and energy usage. We have track lighting options in several colors, sizes, and styles, and know that you’ll find one that fits your tastes.