As your premier provider of residential lighting in the Melbourne area, The House of Lights & Home Accents can help you find the perfect fixtures for any space in your house. We love meeting new customers and hearing about the projects they have planned, and if you’re planning to update your outdoor lighting this spring, we can show a number of great options. You might need more light to create a better ambiance in your backyard, or you might be looking for lighting to add to your home’s security, but whatever the case may be, we’re here to help!

Setting the Mood

Many backyard decks and patios are intended to be an extension of your indoor living space, but you may have found that what you envisioned doesn’t match what you currently have. There may not be enough light above your outdoor seating area, or you may have a pathway that you wanted to illuminate, but your current lights fall a bit short. Setting the mood is key for your backyard gatherings, and our staff can help you discover the right fixtures for every aspect. If you love the idea of strand lighting above your outdoor table, or you want post lights for your pathway, you can find them in our showroom. You may love the idea of highlighting a certain architectural feature of your home, and the right lights can make all the difference.

Keeping Everyone Safe

When you come home at the end of the day, you’re welcomed by the warm glow of your porch lights and other exterior fixtures. You may have a light on the side of the garage that helps you see as you make your way to the front door, but if the outside of your house is lacking in illumination, and you’re worried about your own and other people’s safety, adding lights in integral spots can put your mind at ease. You also want to protect your home from trespassers, and strategically placed lights can brighten those dark spots in your yard. We carry motion sensor lights, timers, and everything you need to improve your home’s security.

Where to Begin?

If you have plans to update your outdoor lighting this spring, you might be wondering where to start. At The House of Lights & Home Accents in Melbourne, we can help you create a design for your property that incorporates the styles you love and that fits your budget. Speaking of budget, it’s a good idea to make one before you start choosing fixtures so you know what you have to spend and what is realistic for your home improvements.

Our staff loves helping people choose new lights, and if you’ve been thinking about how you can improve your exterior ambiance and security, visit our showroom today. As a Lighting One® co-op member, we have access to amazing products from leading manufacturers, and we can show you a variety of options that fit your tastes. We know that you’ll be amazed at what you see!

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